A team that listens to your needs


Profil club provides you with specialists in health, physical activity and nutrition. They all have an academic formation and they are devoted, passionate and competent.

Always attentive to your needs, they will accompany  you throughout your journey so that you can reach your goals.

Moreover, our staff includes men and women, which reflect the men/women proportion of our clientele.

At Profil club you will receive services from the best multidisciplinary team in Sherbrooke.


Jean-Samuel St-Gelais

Kinesiology degree
Many body building competition
Nutrition consultant

René Bessette

Kinesiology degree
Réadaptation en contexte de douleur chronique niveau 1 et 2
Acreditated member of the
Québec kinesiologists federation
PNCE in soccer, power lifting and track and field
Pain pharmacology

Karol-Ann Bélanger

Personalised training
Nutrition advice and follow up
Student in kinesiology

Rosalie Lamontagne

Kinesiology degree
Personal training
Training programs
Meal plan
Group classes

Mary-Ann Darby

Certified personal trainer
Sport nutrition coach
Public speaker